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2 Novellas by Jay Mouton
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Overview: Jay Mouton’s third published novel, "American Jihadi", is slated for release in early 2018! Jay’s second novella, "Z Ward", is now available for download. Jay’s second published novel, "Apocalypse Awakening 2016 Book II: Prologue to War", is, also available on Amazon. This is the second novel in Jay’s, popular, Apocalypse Awakening series. If you enjoyed Book I, it’s time to tackle more. Mr. Mouton has also, recently, offered his complete collection of poetry, "Have You Ever Tried to Count the Stars?" Jay has been writing ever since he can remember. He believes his love for writing to be the result of a DNA combination between his father’s love of Louisiana bayou country, and his mother’s creative mind. Jay has published numerous works in national literary magazines, as well as hundreds of music reviews on various musical artists. His most recent publications include works in Ellipsis, The Reston Review, Tennessee English Journal, and the Jay is, always, working on his next work of fiction.
Genre: Horror | Zombies

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Z Fever: A Novella
Gavin and Ariel Kingsley, siblings that live just north of the tiny hamlet of Glen Saint Mary, Florida, stand, close together on a chilly, February evening and watch the beauty of stars falling out of the sky above them. A late night meteor shower rains down, all across the late night sky; a sight few will ever see in a lifetime. The brother and sister, quietly, sneak back into their home, and to bed. The next morning, they are back in school, and another day begins for the school children of Westside Elementary School. Gavin Kingsley, is in his room, sitting at his desk, and doing his best to pay attention to his teacher, Mrs. Gelfie; it’s not easy being eleven years old, and it’s about to get a whole lot harder. The school’s intercom system crackles, then, blares out the voice of Mr. Jenkins, the school principal. All students are to report to the buses, and are to be taken right home. Suddenly, the door to Gavin’s room bursts open, and Gavin’s bus driver yells for all of the students on his route to, immediately, report to his bus! Mr. Stuart, the driver, makes sure to tell young Gavin to go "round up little Ariel." Mr. Stuart disappears as quickly as he showed up. A scream erupts from somewhere down the hallway! Another scream fills the room, as children begin to stampede out the door. Gavin is trying to help one of his classmates calm down, when Mr. Jenkins storms into the room, and attacks Mrs. Gelfie; a few moments later, Mr. Jenkins, or whatever he has become, is feasting upon the, already dead, Mrs. Gelfie. Gavin is jolted back to reality, runs from his school room, finds his sister. Together, they make their way to Mr. Stuart’s bus, and not a moment too soon. Now, the children on Gavin and Ariel’s bus are in for the ride of their lives! Whatever the creatures are, it seems like they are everywhere at once. And all of the creatures are hungry for human flesh. They may not be adults, but Gavin and Ariel Kingsley come to the realization that the monsters, are, in fact zombies. Z Fever spreads faster than any plague has ever spread before. And, this day is just beginning!

Z Ward: A Novella
When the aluminum table top contacted the flesh of the man’s face, it sounded with a wet thud. All three of them could see the man’s lower jaw move, horizontally, across the bottom of his face. Several white objects flew away from his head, and crossed the room. Several of his teeth bounced against the far wall, off, then clicked across the tiled floor. Doctor Huddleston’s dentists’ best work, now lay, like bloodied chicklets, beneath him. Swiftly, Susann brought the table top back across the other side of the man’s face. She slammed it into him once more. Now, the man’s lower jaw was hanging from the rest of his skull. A thin strip of flesh dangled on the right side of his head. It held his broken and nearly disintegrated jawbone to the rest of his battered skull. It hung there, swaying back and forth, for a moment as the deranged doctor just stood there as if he wasn’t quite sure what his next move should be. Then the lower part of the man’s jaw simply tore free from his shattered and bloodied face. It dropped to the floor, dramatically but harmlessly. Doctor Huddleston, as if he’d been stunned back to awareness, stepped toward his former nurse. Susann, stared up at the monstrosity in front of her. She froze.

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