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Arias Archer & the Shadow Cloak by Hamzah Malik
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 1.3MB
Overview: A Demonic King. A Cursed Cloak. A Broken Promise.

When Kara’s soul is stolen on the eve of her 13th birthday by the bloodthirsty Kazzabus, it’s up to her brother Arias to traverse the divide into the world of Falasia to rescue her, before she’s stitched into the dreaded Shadow Cloak.

Knowing he’ll need all the help he can get, Arias teams up with Sakundra, a feisty young woman who leads a rebel group known as the Rough Riders.

Navigating the immensely bizarre yet deadly world of Falasia in a race against time, they search for the legendary ‘Babbling Warrior’, the only soul who knows Kazzabus’ secret weakness. Along the way Arias and Sakundra encounter strange creatures of all sorts, even coming face to face with the Zivaluni- Kazzabus’ personal assassins who take the guise of children.

As time dwindles away, it becomes evident that a terrified Arias will have to face Kazzabus in a final duel for his sister’s soul, and the very fate of Falasia itself.
Genre: Fiction; Fantasy


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