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Cloud Native programming with Golang: Develop microservice-based high performance web apps for the cloud with Go by Mina Andrawos,‎ Martin Helmich
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Overview: Discover practical techniques to build cloud-native apps that are scalable, reliable, and always available.
Key Features
Build well-designed and secure microservices. Enrich your microservices with continous integration and monitoring.
Containerize your application with Docker
Deploy your application to AWS. Learn how to utilize the powerful AWS services from within your application
Book Description
Cloud computing and microservices are two very important concepts in modern software architecture. They represent key skills that ambitious software engineers need to acquire in order to design and build software applications capable of performing and scaling. Go is a modern cross-platform programming language that is very powerful yet simple; it is an excellent choice for microservices and cloud applications. Go is gaining more and more popularity, and becoming a very attractive skill..
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