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Off Limits by Krista Carleson (Pathways Book 1)
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Overview: He’s a sex addict and my client. I’m not allowed to be attracted to him, but I can’t help it.
From the moment I saw Daniel enter the room where I hold group therapy sessions, I was captivated by him like a moth to a flame.
He’s tall, dark, and hot, but he’s strictly off limits.
I’m supposed to know better. I’m supposed to resist him.
I can’t put my heart on the line with a sex addict.
But my body won’t listen to reason.
My body betrays me each time I see him, making it harder for me to stay professional.
Even more when we share a passionate kiss, which erases all my doubts and fears. And my mask falls off. I lose control.
So I have to make a decision.
Will I give up on him or will I succumb to our mutual addiction?
Genre: Romance


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