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The Song of the Troubadour by Stephanie Cook
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Overview: The inhabitants of Carcassonne mount a desperate defense of their city, under siege by a pitiless army of Crusaders. Heretics, troubadours, knights, and spies fight for their lives as the Crusaders tighten their grip on the beleaguered Cathar stronghold.

The action takes place in what is now southwestern France during the hot summer of 1209. The Pope has launched a Crusade against the peaceful Cathar heretics of Languedoc. As the novel opens, the Crusaders have just destroyed a nearby city, killing almost 20,000 people, even those who had sought shelter in the Catholic Cathedral. The people of Carcassonne fear an impending massacre.

Through the eyes of five characters – a feudal lord, a monk spy, a female troubadour, an old healer, and a heretic girl – “The Song of the Troubadour” tells the story of the siege of Carcassonne.
Genre: Fiction > Historical


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