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Ways of Darkness by LC Champlin (Wolves of the Apocalypse #2)
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Overview: The attack is over, but the fight – and the outbreak – is just beginning.
After battle-tried businessman Nathan Serebus and his attorney Albin Conrad narrowly escape death in a series of terrorist attacks, Nathan believes he is God’s chosen conqueror to restore order to a chaotic San Francisco.

The terrorists have unleashed a contagion that turns humans into violent, unreasoning cannibals immune to pain. But thanks to the research snatched from the hands of ruthless mercenaries sent to secure it, Nathan may have a chance at controlling the contagion. The new technology may even provide a way to control the cannibals themselves.

But to decrypt the research, he and his fellow survivors must team up with a Japanese inventor obsessed with the Underworld – and with becoming a dark god.

Worse, the blood-thirsty leader of the mercenaries is hell-bent on retrieving the research and using it to become ruler of the Bay Area.

Nathan forges desperate alliances that will gain him control of an affluent community to help develop the research. But his authority relies on deception and fear.

As Nathan maneuvers, his friends struggle to come to terms with his increasingly ruthless choices. Loyalties once thought unbreakable will be tested. Will friendships survive when wills collide? The fate of the Bay Area — and the world — depends on the answer.
Genre: Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic


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